Donate to any of these Yellow Springs Community Foundation funds online. If you have any questions contact us at 937-767-2655 or by email For more information about a fund, Click Here

Donate To Fund

Fund Name
50th Class Reunion Award aka The Leadership Spirit Scholarship, 2017
91.3 WYSO Pass Through
Ackerman Family Fund, 2016
Antioch College Pass Through
Antioch College Pocket Neighborhood Fund
Antioch Hall Renovation & Maintenance Fund, 2018
Antioch Outdoor Education Center Agency Endowment, 1989
Antioch School Beloved Teachers Scholarship Agency Fund, 2015
Arthur E. Morgan Agency Endowment, 1997
Big Brothers Big Sisters Pass Through
Camille Willis Memorial Scholarship Fund, 2017
Catherine T. and F. Walton Bailey Endowment, 1985
Chamber Music in Yellow Springs Pass Through
Chamber Music Yellow Springs Agency Endowment Fund, 2008
Charlotte Drake Youth Philanthropy Endowment, 2004
Chris Sparks Social Justice Award, 2018
Community Solutions Pass Through
Connect to Success Field of Interest Endowment, 2017
Connect to Success Scholarship Fund, 2017
Constance Golden Sontag & Lester W. Sontag Fund, 1992
Corky Schiff Memorial Endowment Fund, 1979
Darryl R. Dewer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dorothy & William Schlueter Field of Interest Endowment Fund, 2015
Edwin K. Foos Endowment, 2014
Feminist Health Fund Pass Through
Founders Impact Investment Fund
Friends Care Center Agency Endowment, 2005
GEM (Go the Extra Mile) Award, 1985
General Endowment, 1974
Gene Trolander Memorial Women's Park Fund, 2000
George & Toshiko Asakawa Restricted Endowment, 1986
George & Toshiko Asakawa Unrestricted Endowment, 1986
Glen Helen Agency Fund, 1981
Glen Helen Association Endowment
Glen Helen Association Pass Through
Glen Helen Association Raptor Center Agency Endowment, 2008
Glen Helen Building Maintenance Fund, 1975
Glen Helen Community Endowment, 2002
Green Environmental Agency Fund, 1996
Green Environmental Coalition Pass Through
Historical Restricted
Historical Unrestricted
Home, Inc. Pass Through
Howard Kahoe/Dud Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund, 1991
James A. McKee Association Pass Through
James A. McKee Memorial Scholarship Agency Fund, 2004
James A. McKee Memorial Scholarship Agency Fund (set-aside), 2004
Joan Horn Legacy Endowment Fund, 1998
John Bryan Community Pottery Pass Through
John Gudgel Scholarship Fund, 2012
John McConville Memorial Scholarship Fund, 2005
Kay Corbin Memorial Scholarship Fund, 2014
Kenneth C. Tregillus Endowment Fund, 2008
Lee Morgan Community Soccer Endowment, 2001
Lisa Goldberg/YS Arts Scholarship Fund, 2014
Little Art Theatre Pass Through
L. Shelbert Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund, 2008
Marjory S. Russell Free Swim Lessons Endowment, 2012
Martha Dell Cadow & Warren Dell Athletic Scholarship, 2003
Mary Jane Bachtell Memorial Fund, 1984
Morgan Family Foundation Fund
Morgan Family Foundation Pass Through
NAMI CGM Endowment Fund
NAMI Pass Through
Nolan J. and Ricard D Miller Endowment Fund, 2009
Norton A. and Marjory E. Russell Endowment, 1997
NPLI Workshop Fees
Ondess and Fressa Baker Inman Fund, 1983
Operating Fund
PetNet Pass Through
Read and Beverly L. Viemeister Administrative Endowment, 1994
Restricted Pass-through Fund
Riding Centre Association Agency Endowment Fund, 2016
Roads to Recovery Pass Through Fund
Shirley Mullins Music Endowment, 2000
Stewart Family Fund, 2002
Suzanne P. Clauser Fund
Tecumseh Land Trust Agency Endowment Fund, 2008
Tecumseh Land Trust Pass Through
The 365 Project Pass Through
The Antioch School Beloved Teachers Scholarship Agency Endowment, 2015
The Antioch School Pass Through
The Antioch Writers' Workshop Pass Through
The Founders Music Endowment Fund
The Lauren Heaton Scholarship for Aspiring Journalists, 2019
The Riding Centre Association Pass Through
The Roads to Recovery Endowment Fund
The Yellow Springs Dharma Center Agency Endowment
The Yellow Springs Dharma Center Agency Fund
Unitarian Universalist Agency Endowment Fund, 2006
Unrestricted Gifts Fund
Unrestricted Gifts - Leadership Institute of Yellow Springs
Unrestricted Gifts - Memorial Funds
Valentine's Day Fund
Village Impact Project Endowment Fund
Village Impact Project (VIP)
Village Natural Area Agency Endowment Fund, 2017
Village of Yellow Springs Pass Through
Village of Yellow Springs Public Schools Fund, 2012
Virginia Hamilton Adoff Endowment, 2002
Virginia Willey Prize Endowment, 2017
Wheeling Gaunt Sculpture Fund
William D. & Jane H. Baker Endowment, 2002
World House Choir Endowment Fund
World House Choir Pass Through
WYSO Public Radio Endowment Fund
Yellow Springs Affordable Housing Agency Endowment Fund, 2006
Yellow Springs Arts Council Pass Through
Yellow Springs Community Children's Center Agency Endowment, 1992
Yellow Springs Community Development Corporation, 2019
Yellow Springs Endowment for Education, 1996
Yellow Springs Giving Circles Fund
Yellow Springs Library Assn Agency Endowment Fund, 2018
Yellow Springs Library Association Pass Through
Yellow Springs Public Schools Endowment Fund 2019
Yellow Springs Senior Center Pass Through
Yellow Springs Senior Citizens Agency Endowment, 2004
Yellow Springs Youth Athletic Association Pass-thru Fund
Yellow Springs Youth Baseball Pass Through
YS Community Children's Center Pass Through
YS Kid's Playhouse Agency Endowment, 2000
YS Kids Playhouse Pass Through
YS Porchfest Pass-thru Fund
YS Utility Roundup Pass Through